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Bulk import persons

Bulk import persons into your organization by uploading a CSV file.

The import will take the following CSV column headers into consideration:


Each row in the CSV must contain at least one handle for the person (email address, phone number, or a username). Optionally, you can specify a list of roles, a geographical region and attributes. Attributes are a JSON-encoded map from attribute bucket names to key-value pairs. Email addresses, phone numbers, and usernames must be comma-separated.

Header Parameters
  • SlashID-OrgID string required

    The organization ID

    Example: af5fbd30-7ce7-4548-8b30-4cd59cb2aba1
Request Body required
  • persons binary required

    File in CSV format that contains the persons to import.



  • meta object
  • pagination object
  • limit integer
  • offset integer
  • total_count int64
  • errors object[]
  • httpcode integer
  • message string
  • result object
  • successful_imports integer

    Number of sucessfully imported persons.

  • failed_imports integer

    Number of persons that we failed to import.

  • failed_csv string

    CSV containing the persons we failed to import and the reason behind the failure.