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Retrieve attributes for the organization from multiple buckets

Retrieve attributes for the organization from one or more buckets. If no buckets are specified, attributes from all buckets will be retrieved. Bucket names can be specified as a comma-separated list in the buckets query parameter. All buckets specified must exist, and the organization specified in the header must be able to access them. Empty bucket names are not permitted.

Query Parameters
  • buckets string[]

    A comma-separated list of attribute bucket names

    Example: person_pool-end_user_read_write,person_pool-end_user_no_access
Header Parameters
  • SlashID-OrgID string required

    The organization ID

    Example: af5fbd30-7ce7-4548-8b30-4cd59cb2aba1


  • meta object
  • pagination object
  • limit integer
  • offset integer
  • total_count int64
  • errors object[]
  • httpcode integer
  • message string
  • result object

    Attributes divided into named buckets. Bucket names are top level keys; attributes are values. Attributes consist of key-value pairs. Attribute names (keys) may be at most 70 bytes long. Attribute values must be JSON-serializable and are limited to 64KiB.

  • property name*