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<StepUpAuth> component enables you to present an authentication challenge to authenticated users. It can grant access to sensitive actions and resources. This is known as Step-Up Authentication or "sudo mode".

The component is built on top of the <Form /> component, so it requires you to import the default styles.


import { StepUpAuth } from "@slashid/react"

import "@slashid/react/style.css"

function StepUpAuthentication() {
return <StepUpAuth factors={[{ method: "otp_via_sms" }]} />


factorsFactor[]List of authentication factors available for the step-up authentication challenge.
text?Record<string, string>Overrides for the text shown in the step-up <Form>. See <ConfigurationProvider> default text key-value pairs.


Since <StepUpAuth> uses <Form> under the hood, it will inherit all the <ConfigurationProvider> properties, except factors.

UI Customization

<StepUpAuth> component will also inherit all the <Form> styles and feel. See <Form> UI customization for reference.