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<LoggedOut> is a conditional rendering helper. Use this component where content should only be shown to a user who has not yet logged in.

The children of <LoggedOut> will be shown only once the SDK is ready and the user is logged out.


Displaying content for logged out users only.

import { LoggedOut } from "@slashid/react"

function PublicComponent() {
return <LoggedOut>Only visible for un-authenticated users.</LoggedOut>

With a fallback during SDK initialisation

Using the <SlashIDLoaded> component to render a fallback during SDK initialisation.

import { LoggedOut, SlashIDLoaded } from "@slashid/react"
import { Loading } from "..."

function PublicComponentWithLoadingState() {
return (
<SlashIDLoaded fallback={<Loading />}>
Only visible for un-authenticated users.


<LoggedOut> has no props.