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SlashIDProvider uses React Context to enable dependent child components to react to changes in authentication state. It should be rendered as close to the application root as possible. There should only be a single instance of this provider in the component hierarchy.


import { SlashIDProvider } from "@slashid/react"

function Root() {
return (
<SlashIDProvider oid="ORGANIZATION_ID" tokenStorage="localStorage">
<App />


oidstringThe organization ID you get when signing up with /id
initialToken?stringGiven a valid initial token, SDK will initialize with a User based on that token
tokenStorage?"memory" | "localStorage""memory"Where SlashID user tokens are stored. Set to "localStorage" to enable persistence.
baseApiUrl?string""The base SlashID API endpoint
sdkUrl?boolean""The location where your organization's custom SDK is served
analyticsEnabled?booleantrueEnable collection of client side analytics events
anonymousUsersEnabled?booleanfalseEnable support for anonymous users, if false then anonymous user tokens are treated as invalid
themeProps?{ theme?: Theme, className?: string}{ theme: "auto"}Set the UI theme (auto, light or dark) and apply a CSS class name to the theme root