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Generate events for testing

Generate events for testing analytics flows, such as webhooks. This endpoint can be used to create one or more SlashID events. The request body is a list of test event descriptions, including the type of event to generate, the number of events of that type to generate, and whether those events should be duplicates. The contents of the events will be randomly generated, and will have the is_test_event flag set to true, so they can be distinguished from real events. Please refer to our events guide for a full list of SlashID events and their contents. Note that this endpoint is rate-limited to 10 test events per minute, with a burst of 50. If your tests require a higher rate, please contact us.

Header Parameters
  • SlashID-OrgID string required

    The organization ID

    Example: af5fbd30-7ce7-4548-8b30-4cd59cb2aba1
Request Body array required

The events to be generated

  • event_name string required

    Possible values: [AuthenticationSucceeded_v1, AuthenticationFailed_v1, PersonCreated_v1, PersonDeleted_v1, VirtualPageLoaded_v1, SlashIDSDKLoaded_v1, PersonIdentified_v1, PersonLoggedOut_v1, TokenMinted_v1, PasswordChanged_v1, GdprConsentsChanged_v1, GateServerStarted_v1, GateRequestHandled_v1]

  • count integer

    Default value: 1

  • duplicates boolean

    Default value: false



  • meta object
  • pagination object
  • limit integer
  • offset integer
  • total_count int64
  • errors object[]
  • httpcode integer
  • message string
  • result object[]