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Gate: Deploying

Gate is very flexible in terms of how you can deploy it. Some popular deployments include:

  • as a proxy deployed in front of each of your services
  • as an API Gateway that routes traffic to your services
  • as an external authentication service running alongside an Envoy-based proxy or API Gateway
  • as a sidecar for Kubernetes services

API Gateway

You can find an example deployment Deploying Gate: Kubernetes API Gateway.


Kubernetes is not required to run Gate. With small adjustments, you can replicate this topology on any kind of infrastructure.

UserYour Kubernetes clusterGate deploymentservice-1 deploymentservice-2 deploymentGate pod 1service-1 pod 1service-2 pod 1Gate pod [n]...service-1 pod [n]...service-2 pod [n]...KubernetesLoad balancerGateGate K8Sserviceservice-1 K8Sserviceservice-2 K8Sserviceservice-1service-2Gateservice-1service-2

Kubernetes Sidecar for each service.

You can find an example deployment Deploying Gate: Kubernetes Sidecar.

orders service deploymentproducts service deploymentorders service pod 1products service pod 1orders service pod [n]...products service pod [n]...Gate sidecarGate sidecar orders service products serviceorders serviceproducts serviceGate sidecarGate sidecarUserYour Kubernetes clusternginx-ingressordersK8SserviceproductsK8Sservice